Artist Statement

"I feel my passion as an old lover used to love. 

I believe in being truthful, in connections, in staying timeless.

Captivating the viewers eyes by seducing and making them wanting to know more. That is how they get lost in the photograph. Provoking the viewer to start questioning what they really see or feel.

My main subjects is the human body. Through the camera and light I craft the body, creating nudes, abstract pieces or bodyscapes. Each one can express different opinions or emotions to each viewer. I use black and white because that represents how I see the world. It represents timelessness, intrigue, seduction, elegance or even sadness. It can make you connect deeply with the image, not just visually but emotionally. 

Expressing darkness and light. Bound by what is real, but always staying at a point that you want to know more. 

For me this is how I express my emotions, from love to hate, from light to darkness. The human connection, and the connection with mother earth.

As a nature and human lover I show in my work the union between both. I believe that they are our most valuable places we have, and also that which we treat the worst. By working with different perspectives I show how we have to value and respect them. They are our temples. 

I see the human body as the most beautiful thing we have".